Billie Zizi

Combining the tasteful grooves of classic soul with the flair of contemporary R&B, Billie Zizi effortlessly binds avant-garde jazz subtlety to her guitar-driven melodies, creating a sound as approachable as it is experimental. Effusive and thoughtful, without pretense yet still above
board, she carves a distinct path marked by sonic abandon and a wild spirit. Now on her third studio album, she continues to prove herself as an exciting emergent voice in modern music. Having accompanied her father on a number of overseas trips immersed in the traditions of
Eastern Euro bands through the continental countryside, Zizi took these formative musical experiences and set out to make a statement as an original songwriter. Her early work as a solo artist included tightly arranged loops and sampled parts, building pieces live and in the moment. She added a rhythm section in preparation for her first LP, ‘Gun Metal Dress’ (2015), a jazz-influenced collection that featured unconventional time signature shifts, straightforward yet
studied guitar work, and classic, scat-inspired vocal performances. Her second full-length, ‘Moon Of Honey’ (2016), showed a growing artist comfortable with taking risks, while maintaining a sharp pop sensibility in composition. Venturing into textural guitar parts that never strayed far from her intrinsic understanding of melody has been a trademark for Zizi’s growing confidence as an artist. After a brief hiatus from her solo career, JBZZ returns triumphantly with her most adventurous effort to date. Bolstered by her hard-earned original sound, ‘Levitate’ (2024) draws new maps through familiar terrain with stunning results. Fans of musical alchemists akin to Khrunangbin or Glass Animals can expect melodic charms rife throughout the ten track run time. Newcomers will be drawn in by her tender, innovative approach, accented beautifully with Austin
Parachoniak’s keen production sense. The album dances gently through illusions of kaleidoscopic colour with Zizi’s masterful vocal prowess in full bloom. On tracks like ‘Midnight Sun’ and ‘Hope’, listeners are treated to decorative and unpredictable cadences, creating an airy atmosphere that feels ethereal and whimsical. Her poetic chops are on full display on
‘Everything in Between’ and ‘Levitate’, painting a delightful portrait for all lucky enough to be on the journey. Sparing no detail, the small-but-mighty crack studio band delivers some tasty mid-tempo pop-rockers, ‘May You Dance’ is an excellent contender in this category, rife with
thoughtful nostalgia. ‘Neon Dream’ wraps the album’s run time with more of Zizi’s signature playful approach, bordering on psychedelic in its conclusion. Not merely content with artistic repetition, Zizi continues to prioritize growth and play above the safe and comfortable. Her dedication to the craft is undeniable and magnetic for long-time
listeners and new fans alike. This spirited approach to songwriting and arrangement is a welcome sound unlike much else, and a true joy to bear witness to.

“May your joy be unmuted, hope undefeated, may you dance in ecstasy.”